The most terrible and unfortunate politician of our times

javed hashmi The most terrible and unfortunate politician of our times

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Veteran politician Javed Hashmi is one of most unfortunate politicians in 2018 elections who despite lashing out at army and judiciary to please Nawaz Sharif failed to get PMLN ticket.

At this stage of his age he is biting the dust and facing extreme humiliation.

‏عمر کےآخری حصے میں اللہ کریم ایسی ذلت کسی کو نہ دے. جس نوازشریف کوخوش کرنے کے لیے جاوید ہاشمی نےعدالتوں، فوج اور نواز شریف کےسیاسی مخالفین پرمن گھڑت الزامات لگائے. اس جاوید ہاشمی کو نوازشریف نے ایک ٹکٹ کی بھیک بھی نہ دی. ساری عمر کی سیاست کا اس سے عبرتناک انجام نہیں ہوسکتا…

Nawaz Sharif is known for his prejudices… he does forgive anyone easily. Hashmi has become political orphan despite having a political father in the form of Nawaz. Poor man… one pity on him. Pak Destiny

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