The philosophy of life

The philosophy of life

By Prof A Majeed Chaudhry

It’s very important to be knowledgeable about the philosophy of life. Worldly riches,extravagant life style, spendthrifting,is not what we were meant to be doing.

There should be a purpose for our existence. We must contribute to the welfare of fellow humans. Human wishes have no limits.

Remember you can’t beat people in rat race. Contentment is one of the greatest blessing of almighty. Have your storage of deeds filled with best conduct for poor and destitutes.

Referring a verse from holy Quran “O believers why do say what you can’t do.”

Referring a verse from holy Quran "O believers why do say what you can't do."

This ayat is a perfect advice for this nation. One of the traits that we possess is we don’t do what we say and shall we say we don’t mean what we say. One comes across such people not uncommonly.

A true believer believes and does what he says ; that’s the quality of a good human being. Perhaps in political scenario and many dealings in our life flouting the divine advice is a done thing. Follow the ayat in it’s true it will add value to your character building. Let’s pray to almighty to give us strength to follow the divine sermons. PAK DESTINY

Professor Dr. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry


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