The Zardari’s ‘money factor’ — tragedy in Pak politics where money has the final say?

The Zardari's 'money factor' --- tragedy in Pak politics where money has the final say?

By Raza Ruman

   The social media was rife with ‘Zardari’s money factor, after Hamza Shehbaz was declared Punjab chief unlawfully.

    The  PPP co-chairman has once again proved himself what his son Bilawal Bhutto said after Hamza’s victory ‘Aik Zardari Sab Pe Bhaari’.

      Like in the success of no-confidence motion against Imran Khan in April in which huge sum of money was doled out to purchase loyalties of the lawmakers, Zardari proved his mettle and did what his allies could not have imagined – making PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain to go against his own cousin Elahi with whom he remained thick and thin for decades in political arena.     

    The Sharif brothers — Nawaz and Shehbaz — are heavily depending on Zardari to make impossible, possible ‘with good bucks’.  Although, there is a feeling in the PML-N ranks that the Sharifs are damaging their politics by blindly following Zardari but in the face of Khan’s onslaught it seems the Sharifs have no other choice but turn to Zardari and make him their teacher in politics. Although Sharifs are also good at money matters.

   Shujaat’s turning against Elahi at a very crucial point was in fact an ‘official announcement’ of the breakup of the Chaudry brothers of Gujrat.

   It is believed that Shujaat’s sons – Salik and Shafay – made their father take the decision against Elahi in the CM poll. Shujaat’s brother Wajahat Hussain recently blamed that his (Shujaat)’s sons had taken dollars from Zardari to join the PML-N led coalition. Shujaat had been insisting his brother take back his allegation and apologise which he did not.

    What a shame for our politics where money has the final say. PAK DESTINY

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