Thorny walkway where politicians and establishment cannot tread together

By Fayyaz Butt

(Pak Destiny) The relationship between the establishment and the government has ever been ideal all over the world. And of course Pakistan is not an exception.

Take a point in discussion that of the United States where the establishment is apparently on good note with that of political forces. In Pakistan we even do not witness this on apparent note.

Oath of both political as well as establishment demands that they will secure their countries from internal /external threats. It is a common objective on which they work. While rolling or managing the affairs of a country both have to face this overlapping working area. One interesting slogan is also being heard from both sides that they are on same page.

Political history of the US is that of more than 200 years. Whatever may be the circumstances; both forces have learned a lot and find the ways to reach on the page. From last 24 years,

We may observe that Republican and Democrats enjoy equal chance. Eight years are for Democrats and the same for Republican (Trump may be an exceptional in future). One Political party is doing its job and the other keeps watching. Other party observes the weakness of ruling party learning from its previous mistakes and plans for its next term to serve its homeland. No involvement from establishment to let the politicians down. It is all about management / understanding of politicians with its establishment.

But here in Pakistan we do not see such kind of understanding. Isn’t it a big question? Establishment is a group of people who are well educated and keep themselves in training. On the other hand our politicians are always lack of such tools. So, they could not respond well to overlapping areas, especially foreign affairs and defence.Often Pakistani top political leadership finds itself entangled with the establishment.

Concept of By-pass is very fascinating in road construction… Nawaz and Shahbaz’s favorite… It has got a lot of fame in the Government of PML (N). Everyone would like to use it while travelling from one city to another. It keeps ones away from all hurdles of highly populated cities. But keep in mind; person using by-pass is totally cut off from the city. Decision making on the issue of overlapping areas should not be by-passed. Instead of using by-pass, we must sit together and create conscience of opinion. Conscience of opinion means synergy. This would be the only way which leads us towards the same page. – Pak Destiny


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