A meek surrender of Hamid Mir shows how hollow was his cause of media freedom

hamid mir apology

By Raza Ruman

Finally a meek surrender by Geo News anchor Hamid Mir.
Mir ate his words after his was separated from his program — Capital Talk.
Mir apologised for his speaking against army. “I had no intention to defame Pakistan Army,” he said in a joint statement issued by a committee formed by the Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ), the National Press Club.

Mir said he had “no intention to defame the army, had high regard for the sacrifices rendered by it and had covered army operations from Siachen to the LoC.”

“During the speech outside the NPC against attacks on journalists I got carried away after speeches by other speakers as I too had faced an attack in the past,” he said.

“If my speech hurt the feelings of any person I apologize,” he said.

Mir will return to his talk show on old salary after his unconditional apology. It the end of so called freedom of press drama. Mir always remained a dubious character. Now this calling him champion of media freedom should read his apology.

Like his leader Nawaz Sharif it is good to surrender before the might when you are screwed and start barking when you are in power. PAK DESTINY

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