Transparency International Pakistan has reduced to a ‘cover’ for corruption

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, March 10 (Pak Destiny) The Transparency International Pakistan chapter has ‘disappeared’ from the country since the PML-N has come to power.
Led by controversial Adil Gilani, the Transparency International Pakistan has reduced to a ‘rubber stamp’ to give clean chit to PML-N government projects both in centre and Punjab, declaring them ‘corruption free’.
Adil Gilani made TI awfully busy during the PPP’s regime last five years in pinpointing irregularities in various projects. Today he joined hands with the people running the show and taking his share. And in return made the TI a ‘londi’ of those in power.
There has been no corruption in Pakistan today because the TI does not see it. How shameful for an institution which otherwise had a good reputation worldwide. – Pak Destiny

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