Trending Pics : Rana Sanaullah in PPP, Ayesha Omar in Blue Mosque and Twins Kubra Khan & Sonu Nigam

Ayesha Omar in Blue Mosque

These days Ayesha Omar is on holiday trip in Turkey. She has been posting her pictures of Turkey trip quite often but this picture taken inside Blue Mosque of Istanbul,Turkey going viral on social media. Ayesha Omar praying in grey and black hijab looking marvelous.

ayesha omar,blue mosque


Rana Sanaullah in PPP

Rana Sanaullah who is often seen on tv bashing PTI and Imran Khan has recently said that PTI is taking in PPP’s garbage but ironically this picture showing that Rana Sanaullah was also in Pakistan Peoples Party when contest for the provincial assembly election in the past

rana sanaullah in ppp

Twins : Kubra Khan and Sonu Nigam

Finally we have found “بچھڑے بہن بھای” Kubra Khan and Sonu Nigam. Don’t they look twins in this picture?

kubra khan,sonu nigam


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