Trump In Trouble : Melania giving him tough time he even forgot to shake hand with Netanyahu

Whole Arab and Muslim nations couldn’t able to bother Mr Trump but lean and thin stylish FLOTUS Melania giving US president Trump a very hard time.

She seems to have shaken Trump so much that he even forgot to shake his hand with Israeli PM Netanyahu. Here are the videos of Donald Trump and Melania Trump where she refused to hold his hand not only once but twice in a span of two days

Melania slapped away President Donald Trump’s hand in Israel

Melania for one more time refused to hold President Trump’s hand

And finally Donald Trump seems to have been so disturbed by his “Bisti” by Melania that he forgot to shake Netanyahu’s hand

Conclusion : ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ بڈی دے تھلے لگا

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