“Two crore (20million) Pakistanis can be affected from Coronavirus in two to three months” — we need drastic measures to cope with it

"Two crore (20million) Pakistanis can be affected from Coronavirus in two to three months" -- we need drastic measures to cope with it

By Iram Saleem

   “Without aggressive containment measures, over 20 million Pakistanis could be impacted by Covid-19 by June,” Dawn’s columnist Usman. T. Malik predicts in current scenario in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic.

    Mr Malik writes as Covid-19 spreads exponentially across the globe, so has panic and misinformation about the virus. But the worst is yet to come. “By June this year, more than 20 million could be impacted by the virus in Pakistan alone. Pakistan is about to get overwhelmed, unless the federal government takes swift action and average citizens start playing their part.”
    Giving such an example he writes: “

On Friday, March 6, 2020, a family of four — parents and two teenage girls — walked into the clinic area of a large hospital in Lahore. The mother and daughter both had high fever, nausea and dry cough. The medical doctor on call slipped on a mask and, telling them to stay put, walked out of the room to ask the administrative staff about the hospital’s protocol regarding triaging of suspected Covid-19 patients.The doctor was told there was none.
The doctor was also told there were no testing kits available even if there had been a protocol.

The family’s only option was to go to Services Hospital to get tested for Covid-19. The mother refused to do so because she was exhausted with fever and dehydration.

The medical doctor ended up handing the family facemasks and, except for the mother, sent them home with symptomatic treatment and instructions to rush to the emergency room if they got short of breath. The mother was admitted for observation and rehydration. No testing for Covid-19 would be done on this family.”

     In this terrible state of affairs, there has been call from all including the PPP and PMLN leadership to go for a lock down. Prime Minister Imran Khan is not in favour of it knowing that this country has some 30 per cent population living under the poverty line.

    Lock down means killing a huge number of hunger. So let’s face this  cruel virus and defeat it without inflicting hunger on the poor and the destitute. Strict following of the government direction could only help stop spread of this deadly virus.  Pak Destiny


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