Usman Dar — a story of PTI dilemma at the moment

Usman Dar -- a story of PTI dilemma at the moment

By Raza Ruman

PTI’s Usman Dar’s revelations has many thing to say. Imran Khan was mastermind of May 9 or else. Dar saved his skin at the cost of his politics. Social media expressions show that he was forced to say what he was saying.

   Will this end here or continue?

     Or will the establishment and Imran Khan ready to talk and reach some kind of understanding? Time will tell where we are heading.

   Khan’s close aide Zulfi Bokhari said on X: “Mothers know their children best. Like the rest of the country she has also seen through Usman Dar’s forced & illogical interview. Everyone from all walks of life know & appreciate that Imran Khan and PTI have condemned the May 9th event. Party or IK has no affiliation with it. Trying to link Imran Khan, who was in custody, only makes a mockery of law & justice. I wish UD a speedy recovery for whatever he has endured. More strength to his brave mother, family and loved ones.”

   Other comments are in the following tweets. PAK DESTINY

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