Veena and Aamir Liaqut performed a scripted role on BOL to belittle Asad

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) Fake Dr Aamir Liaqut Hussain and controversial Veena Malik beautifully portrayed Asad Khattak a “notorious man” she married to.

    On BOL TV Liaquat provided her a best platform to act according a to a script written by Veena. She said Asad was a “poor man” and she could not live with him any more because of poor status.
    Besides he was against her return to showbiz which she is direly missing these days. Liaquat played like a ‘madari’ mediator to resolve the matter.
   Interestingly Veena has forgot to tell people in the show that her divorce had been validated after the court decree recently. But to get the cheap popularity she tried to portray that the matter could still be resolved if some madaris play their role.
   Sonner Veena  will be on small screen for another 10 years to make maximum out of it. — Pak Destiny


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