Veena brutally trolled after her match with Sania

Veena brutally trolled after her match with Sania

By Raza Ruman

What Maryam Nawaz couldn’t do, a single tweet of Sania Mirza did it to school controversial Veena Malik.

Veena who was unleashed at Maryam by some quarters got her match when she dared to taunt Sania, tannins star of India and Pakistan cricketer Shoiab Malik’s wife.

Veena is brutally trolled for taunting Sania by tweeting that she was so concerned about the presence of her kid in shisha smoking cafe in England.

Sania lashed out at Veena for her comments saying ” first of all its is none of your business and besides the kid was not present in Shisha cafe. So mind your own business.”

After that there was more support for Sania than Veena on social media.
Veena was trolled brutally. Hope she would have learnt some lesson. Pak Destiny

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