Musharraf no more strong and bold: Atiqa Odho

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, June 28 ( Atiqa Odho has recently met Gen Musharraf in London and complained him of her expullsion from his party, All Pakistan Muslim League, for none other reason than that of keeping liquor.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry had taken a suo motu last year after two bottles of liquor were recovered from her luggage at Islamabad airport last year.
Odho was of the view that it was not a big deal and Musharraf should not have to expel her from his party. “You shouldn’t have done this to your trusted friend on such a trivial issue. You remain no more strong and bold after giving in to media pressure in my case it was unlike of you”, she was quoted as having said. She said the move might have pleased Chaudhry, Musharraf’s rival. Musharraf offered her to rejoin the party at ‘appropriate time’ but she refused saying “I do not think one becomes a good politician in Pakistan after tainted with liquor controversy.”
So Ms Odho has decided to say goodbye to politics and remarry. She is reportedly marrying Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf founding member Samar Ali Khan.
The wedding will take place in Karachi later next month, and will be attended by close friends and family members.
Samar Ali Khan — popularly known as Sammy on Karachi’s social circuit — in addition to be a founding member of Imran Khan’s PTI is also a Karachi-based architect. This is Odho’s third and Sammy’s second marriage. Family friends say that they don’t see either of the two changing their political loyalties in the near future, but there remains the chance that they will be able to influence one another.
Currently she is concentrating on promoting her brand of cosmetics and on social work. (

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