who pocketed Rs1 billion in laptops scam?

Lahore, May 4 (pakdestiny.com)The Punjab government’s laptop scandal has touched new heights as the PML-N ‘smart men’ pocketed at least Rs 1 billion in its purchase.

Shahbaz Sharif and his kitchen cabinet are reportedly involved in the scandal. Shahbaz is not happy about the reports of his government’s ‘smart work’ discussed in the media.

Those who are aware as how the Sharifs and company make good bucks by such move are not surprised.

After the Transparency International revealed corruption in the purchase of the laptops the Sharifs sent their team to its chairman Adil Gilani to issue a ‘clean chit’ to the Punjab government. Gilani entertained the request on the promise that the Sharifs would protect his interests in the future.

PPP leader Raja Riaz told pakdestiny.com that Shahbaz Sharif had not yet formed a committee to probe who pocketed Rs1 billion.” It shows that the amount has been deposited to the accounts of the Sharifs” he said.  Pakdestiny.com

In a related development there are reports that Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Mujahid Kamran had given Rs30 million to PML-N’s senator to secure his second tenure.


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