Why Capt Safdar reluctant to take the journalist to court who disclosed about his second wife, Zareena

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By Kiran Bokhari

After the ‘purported’ video of a young woman claiming the wife of retired Capt Mohammad Safdar, no legal battle has been ensued between the son-in-law of former premier Nawaz Sharif and the journalist who uploaded the video on his twitter account.

Daily Ausaf editor Mohsin Bilal Khan had a few days ago uploaded a video of a young woman saying she is celebrating Eid without him. Tears in her eyes she said “you will repent one day”.  Mohsin Bilal uploaded the video on his Twitter account and claimed she is second wife of Capt Safdar.
Safdar later issued a clarification denying his second marriage.

However Safdar has not yet filed a defamation case or issued a legal notice to journalist Mohsin for spread g “fake ” news. It appears there must be something fishy in this matter otherwise Safdar would have taken this reporter to task.

Now it is also dawned the reason as why Maryam had distanced herself from Safdar. There are reports that for last few years Safdar and Maryam had not been living together. Pak Destiny

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