Maryam Nawaz was against her son’s marriage choice?

junaid safdar with with his wife ayesha saif khan on his marriage nikah ceremony

By Raza Ruman

Was it a marriage of merger of a huge wealth of the Sharifs and Ehtsabur Rehman (Saifur Rehman). PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz‘s son Junaid Safdar married Ayesha Saif Khan in London on Sunday at the Lanesborough, a swanky 5-star hotel on the Hyde Park Corner in Knightsbridge.

Former premier Nawaz Sharif and former finance minister Ishaq Dar were at the wedding and sat right beside Junaid as he signed the nikah papers. Maryam and Safdar, both of whom are in Lahore, were on video call with their son during the wedding.

There are two versions of the marriage story of Junaid.

One: Ayesha is seven years older than him. But the gentleman was madly in love with her and he did what his mother had done — marrying her against the will of his parents. Maryam had married Safdar against the wish of her parents as well.

The other side of the story is — Saifur Rehman who was the Eitsab Bureau (Accoubtibily chief) during Nawaz tenure in 1990s had made billions. Now an established businessman in Gulf (Qatar) Nawaz Sharif wanted to have a merger or two families of a great wealth.

But whatever the version is true one thing is there the son didn’t bother to have his parents in his wedding ceremony…what a shame. PAK DESTINY

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