Why we love to ‘hate’ the Feminists?

feminisim in pakistan

By Sidra Kausary (Pakdestiny.com) Since childhood, every young girl is told the criteria of modesty and a noble women, which is keep your mouth shut, eyes on floor and just obey the pre-defined norms without any questions. This is very dubious to me. But this has never changed and probably it will take a few more decades to change the rules of modesty in a patriarchal society like ours.

Feminists are also termed as a ‘notorious’ people, mostly women, who are blunt, speak out loud and are very aggressive towards the ill doings and these stereotypes. When we are taught to speak for our rights in schools, biggest hurdle in that is our own the people, who do not want us to speak against the evil forces who usurp our right to live peacefully.

We love to hate the women who name and shame the typical cheap and evil men of our society on public platforms. And many times, I myself experienced that the majority who hate such feminists is most of the times women themselves, who tag and curse them by calling an attention seeker or shameless. Men are always on top to teach the morality which never worked by the way as per in our case.women at jirga

I have just a few questions to those people who teach the dual standards of morality and modesty to our upcoming generations, do they have any idea what this so called morality of keeping your mouth shut and bearing the pain has done to so many children of ours? Not only children but youngsters are also being molested and harassed, while this has been continued for quite some long time.

Before telling any woman who has ever faced any kind of harassment or molestation, major or minor, on social media and on workplace, schools, colleges, university or at home, has anyone among those morality preachers looked at their women or children, and asked if anyone from their social circle has molested or harassed them?

Now a days, a new trend of molestation is introduced on social media, that if a woman posts something or comments in a public platform, page or group, and if her comments are bold enough, then what she receives in response is not only hot words, but unwanted photographs of men’s genitals, date offers, and a chance to win the life of a person who is wasting it on annoying the women around him on social media and probably in real life as well.

We are told to keep our mouth shut, but does ever anyone notices, that how many times your kids, sisters, daughter, wife, mother or any other woman attached to you in a legal relationship has been molested?

Trust me you do not know because you have taught them to remain silent.

From that Qari (Quran Teacher) to that shopkeeper whom you send your kid to buy routine stuff, from an uncle who loves to cuddle your children and they hate them but you persist in behaving nicely with him as he is your relative, to that household help, and maybe this list is long enough.

People has no idea what this sexually abused and molested children turn into and how much psychologically they are effected.  They are shattered, with low self-esteem and lack confidence. Those who speak boldly and urge to talk about what wrong has been happening with you and ask to be courageous enough and resist, are termed as bad women or abhorred. This is because we want to keep victims’ mouth shut and do not want to see the real face of our society which is hideous.

Why do you want to let it happen for our kids? So speak up as loud as you can, break the stereotypes and save your generations from being raped, harassed, molested and shattering.-Pak Destiny

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