Will PM Khan say good bye with dignity or bite the dust?

Will PM Khan say good bye with dignity or bite the dust?

By Raza Ruman

      Will Prime Minister Imran Khan resign gracefully? This is a million dollar question at the moment. Opposition is of the view that Khan has no attention to say good bye thus bound to bite the dust at the end of the day. 

    Will this man ever stick to his words. He had said last year at the time of taking vote of confidence that if his members, MNAs, went against him he would resign and sit in opposition. But today when over 24 MNAs of his party are openly defying him, he still feels no humiliation and shame and prefer to stick to his office. One can never imagine that a man can take so many U turns.

     PTI MNAs including Raja Riaz and Malik Nawab Sher Waseer openly demanded resignation from Khan saying they would vote on the no-confidence motion tabled against the Prime Minister in accordance with their conscience.

   TV footage showed several other lawmakers from the ruling PTI — including MNAs Noor Alam Khan, Basit Bukhari and Wajiha Qamar — staying at the facility, giving a clear indication which side they would be tilting towards in the upcoming vote that will decide the fate of the prime minister.

   So whatever the PTI ministers or PM Khan about their party lotas but the fact is Khan has lost the support of his members and he should better resign with dignity if he has. PAK DESTINY

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