Yet another property of Aleema Khan surfaces, PM Khan must order probe

By Raza Ruman

It is terrible to see that Prime Minister Imran Khan is still reluctant to order investigation of his sister Aleema Khan’s huge properties abroad.

There has been revelation of of one property of Aleema or another abroad every now and then which is matter of shame for PM Khan who used to call Sharifs and Zardaris thieves after such revelations.

Now he doesn’t want to hear about how his sister made properties of millions of dollars in US and other foreign countries. What was her source of income — charity of Shuakat Khanum or something else.

Khan must order investigation otherwise it will be established that she with his consent stashed huge sum if money abroad.
One twitter user writes this:

‏کیا یہ کسی کے باپ کا پیسہ
ہے ؟ زکوٰۃ کے پیسے چوری کرکے امریکہ میں 2004 میں جائیداد بنائی، لیکن 13 سال تک پاکستان میں ظاہر نہیں کی. 30 لاکھ ڈالر کی جائیداد بنالی،
لیکن کوئی پوچھنے والا نہیں”

Let’s see if all types of thieves of this country will be booked and brought to justice. Pak Destiny


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