Zia Shahid of Khabrian group is allegedly caught on tape asking a fellow woman to arrange schoolgirls for him — severe criticism pouring on him on social media

Zia Shahid Khabrian caught tape woman arrange schoolgirls

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) The alleged audio tape of Khbrian and Channel 5 media group owner Zia Shahid in which he was pressing a woman on phone to bring schoolgirls for sex has created uproar against him on social media.

Zia Shahid appeared such a dirty man in the audio conversation asking the woman on the phone to persuade schoolgirls and other young girls to him so that he could experience a different sex experience which is normally not in practice here.

Zia Shahid has not yet denied that it was not his voice.
In the audio the woman who apparently works in his media group calls him Zia Shahid sahib… and also names his media group.

What a shameful character this man has… will journalists bodies take him to task… a million dollar question. Pak Destiny

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