A picture is worth a thousand words — Hina gloating in air after having Maryam’s hand on her cheeks

Pics Maryam Nawaz and Hina Pervaiz Butt. In body this tweet and their together pic

By Raza Ruman

This height of ‘chamchageeri’ (sycophancy), isn’t it.
And as earlier rightly mentioned by Pak Destiny that this woman — Hina Pervaiz Butt — is a great sycophant. And how many times she will prove this.

Getting a hand of love of Maryam Nawaz on her cheeks is something Ms Butt is cherishing on Twitter making it a lifetime achievement for her. What a shame…she needs to grow up.

Despite a billionaire Ms Butt seems to be feeling insecure all the time.
She thinks she may be given reserved MPA ticket to her. That insecurity or securing some ministry in the future Hina Butt always remains stick to Maryam Nawaz wherever she goes.

Butt seems to have lost any self respect she has.
Ms Butt needs to grow up and look beyond Maryam Nawaz. Pak Destiny

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