Veena Malik super active on social media against Sharifs in a bid to redeem her past in India

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By Raza Ruman

One can only laugh at controversial actress Veena Malik getting super active on social media taking on the Sharif family apparently at the behest of PTI.

One is still wondering that whosoever has launched her is hitting in the eyes of its opponent.
Some on social media are pointing finger at the establishment for the launch of Veena.

Read her just one tweet and you will come to know her political views.
“‏جوان تھا تو بیٹی بھاگ گئی !!!
بوڑھا ھوا تو بیٹے 😭😭😭
ایک قیدی کی فریاد😢”

But one may be recalling her time in India several years ago where she put a tattoo of ISI on her naked body and a handgranade in her hand. Is this her new role an effort to redeem herself.

PMLN is reacting strongly on social media against her asking those who unleashed her at the Sharifs to choose someone other than this crap for this business.

Even senior journalist Mehr Tarar puts her weight behind Veena.
Tarar tweets: “One Veena Malik And the entire social media world of PML-N is clueless: how to get her off everyone’s timeline! Outright insults, unmentionable attacks on her character, and non-stop abusive trolling, come on, PML-N folks, that’s all you have?
Surprise us, be innovative…”

Let’s see this interesting fight of PTI backed Veena versus PMLN on social media. Pak Destiny


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