Afghanistan comments demand PM Khan to think twice before you speak

Afghanistan comments demand PM Khan to think twice before you speak

By Fayyaz Butt

In coming days, we have an old drama in new visionary way means Election in Afghanistan. Government of the people by the people for the people is going to be formed (So called Democracy, under the prime supervision of the investors of the coming Government).

American has decided to select the Government of the people in Afghanistan duly consulted with its old and trusted friends.
Unfortunately, it is an uncooked story which our brilliant PM heard from some top official of Pakistan or American bureaucracy. He heard and just passed on to his buddies with this comment. “DON’T WORRY THE NEXT GOVERNMENT IN AFGHANISTAN WILL BE GOOD…. ” As it is half-cocked information which PM was passed. Imran Khan came indirect spot light of criticism by Americans and Afghans.

The Americans chose cricket jargons to hit out Khan on his folly.
John R. Bass (US Ambassador to Afghanistan) dragged down himself in Cricket, where he obviously has not much experience advised Khan not to do ball tampering in Afghan peace process. Ball tampering is an illegal action in cricket to aid in swing bowling.

PM Khan suggested, setting up of an interim setup in Afghanistan for coming Election. APPARENTLY It is very much normal practice in our country giving level playing field to all political players.

We heard that the man behind the gun is always more important than the gun but with the passage of time we do learn that the gun is also important.
In spite of all these we believe that the luckiest person in the earth is Imran Khan whatever he says is likely to be famed more than 50% of our population. Any way Good Luck to him with his new bongy on Afghanistan. Pak Destiny


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