Aftab Iqbal caught reading the establishment’s script on interim setup

Islamabad, July 23 ( Aftab Iqbal did his last Friday show of “Khabarnaak” at the behest of the establishment.
Aftab Iqbal was given the task to speak at length about the importance of interim set up comprising clean people that should stay in power for a long time to ensure good governance and accountability.
“Toeing the establishment’s line Aftab shamelessly spoke in favour of something which is undemocratic, prompting some Geo officials at senior position to look into the matter and report to its owner Mir Shakilur Rehman,” a source in Geo told pakdestiny. Aftab may be quizzed by Geo group for ‘openly’ following the direction of the establishment.
Aftab Iqbal in the show sounded like a supporter of a dictator calling for ‘ruthless’ accountability of the corrupt. In the past ‘accountability’ remained the buzz word during the regimes of dictators.
“Aftab and some other anchors in other channels have been tasked by the establishment to speak in favour of interim step, a solution to the problems Pakistan in today,” he said.
Political circles are of the view that such a propaganda that interim set up comprising clean people should stay for two years or so is unfortunate. “Let democracy give a chance to thrive” a PML-N senator said. –

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