PTV MD Yousuf Mirza joins ‘crying chorus’ of other Turkish plays affectees

By Kiran Bokhari
Islamabad, Dec 22 ( PTV Managing Director Yousuf Baig Mirza has joined the ‘crying chorus’ of Pakistani drama artistes against Turkish plays.
“70 per cent income of PTV prime time has declined due to Turkish plays being shown by private TV channels,” Mirza said. Like other TV artistes he said the drama industry in Pakistan is being destroyed and ‘Pak money’ also slipped out of the country.
But why Mr Mirza does not follow in the foot steps of the private channels instead of crying, says a journalist of Geo entertainment.
He says it open market and Pak artistes should compete by producing better stuff instead of wailing and mourning.

Protest: TV artistes, producers and directors are holding demos in Lahore and other cities.
The Turkish plays recently have grabbed unprecedented viewership generating huge revenue for some channels. The News channels that were earlier raising objections that Turkish plays were spreading obscenity in society are now supporting them as their entertainment channels are themselves showing them.
The artistes’ main slogans was ‘Save Pakistan Television Drama Industry’.
“We demand that Turkish and Indian content dubbed in Urdu should be taken off air in Pakistan immediately,” the artistes said. (


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