Anchor Iqrarul Hasan says if he is killed “terrorist” Tariq Bashir Cheema will be responsible — vows to expose Cheema’s wrongdoings

life threat to iqrar ul hassan by tariq bashir cheema

By Raza Ruman

      Anchor Iqrarul Hasan has called PMLQ leader and former minister Tariq Bashir Cheema a “terrorist” and declared that he would now expose him.

   Iqrar also has forewarned that he may be killed Cheema and he is doing this vlog to tell the people about this.

    Iqrar said that Cheema was a wanted terrorist and he was released in the wake of a plane highjack in 1981 and he remained in hiding in Afghanistan for eight years.

    Iqrar said Cheema served him a legal notice for exposing his son name in the Islamia University Bahawalpur sex scandal.

     Iqrar said Cheema is a known notorious and now onward he will expose him and will not be takes by his threats.

     He said Cheema got him issued notice from Bahawalpur court so that he could target him there.

    Iqrar said: “If I am killed, Tariq Bashir Cheema will be responsible for this,” he said. PAK DESTINY

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