Iqrarul Hasan and Yasir Shami under fire to ‘exploit’ Ayesha Akram’s episode

Iqrarul Hasan and Yasir Shami under fire to 'exploit' Ayesha Akram's episode

By Raza Ruman

Anchors Iqrarul Hasan and Yasir Shami have come severe criticism for ‘touching’ the victim of Minar-i-Pakistan to empathize her.

Even the organization of the UK showed the mirror to both for placing their hands on the head of Ayesha Akram.
Some 400 people were booked for molesting her on Independence Day at the historic park.

Both are chided to exploit what had happened to Ayesha. Both did her interview and touched her. Broadcasting her interview was against the norms of journalism as one cannot publicise a victim’s miseries. “Iqrar and Yasir are also in the list of fame ka poojari — All are just trying to defame Pakistan for their own fame strongly condemns this , those who don’t wanna like in Pakistan just fuckin get out but don’t try to defame our beloved country,” says one Hasan.

Even major newspapers condemned both Iqrar and Shami for their ‘immoral’ act. Police have arrested 24 suspects in Ayesha molestation case. PAK DESTINY

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