Anchors come to rescue their fellow ‘fraudster’ anchor Dr Shahid Masood… what a shame

By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) Another anchor Nasim Zahara shamelessly came in defence of alleged fraudster Dr Shahid Masood.

It is shame that persons like Nasim Zahra are defending a person who is accused of embezzling Rs 370 million and openly influencing institutions to get him relief. It’s a big shame.
Nasim Zahra tweeted:

“Met DrShahidMasood in AdaylaJail. Like his lawyers & others he isMet unclear/worried why he has been refused .

bail.Interestingly embezzled sum has been recovered by 3 accused who r now free.Acc 2 IO findings ShahidM only alleged crime-also countered by SM lawyer- is authority misuse”.

In fact most of the anchors have made millions illegally and they come to each other’s rescue in such situations.

Earlier some journalists tried to create soft corner for “Dr Death” after he appeared handcuffed in court. Let this suspect face fair trial. Pak Destiny

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