Another Dancer Turned “Naik Parveen” Juggan Kazim will host Ramzan Show on PTV

Here is another “Naik Parveen” we have found for you. She is none other than Film Actress/Dancer/Compare Juggan Kazim. She is multi talented and in her many talents she has added one more.

This Ramzan Juggan will host and share with you Emaan Afroz events she experienced throughout her life. By the way there are other clips of Juggan Kazim are available on Internet which can easily be rated as adult content so thats why we can’t show you those clips from a Canadian movie “Pink Laddoos” where Juggan played the leading role. We hope and pray that may Allah Paak save every one of us from these type of make shift Muslmaans. Ameen

Watch this song to know her talent and skill in dancing

Part 1 – Juggan As Dancer : آپکا ھوگا تازہ… by pak-destiny

This Ramzan she’ll show you her hidden skill

Part 2 – Juggan As “Naik Parveen” : آپکا ھوگا… by pak-destiny

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