Another novel goofup of PTI govt: It finds JUI-F Senator “Afghan national” 17 years after he first got elected parliamentarian

By Raza Ruman

Another goof-up committed by the Imran Khan government regarding suspending the citizenship of JUI-F Senator Hafiz Hamdullah just days before Islamabad March baffled many.

Hamdullah has been in the parliament and Senate since 2002 and to the utter surprise for many that Nadra was made to issue a letter today declaring him “confirmed Alien”.

What a shame… similar kind of tactics were used by the Nawaz Sharif regime now handsome Imran Khan following his footsteps and making a fun of himself by taking such steps.

It’s a shame that such goofsup continue to be made by successive governments to deal with such sit-ins.
PM Khan should show some strong character and doesn’t indulge in these petty things. Pak Destiny


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