PPP shames Fazlur Rehman for attacking Zardari

asif Zardari ditched fazlur rehman and nawaz sharif

By Irum Saleem

PPP has shamed Maulana Fazlur Rehman for indirectly saying that Asif Ali Zardari is afraid of going to jail.

“Have you gone to jail for one day in your life,” PPP leader Shama Junejo shamed Fazlur Rehman in a tweet.
” ‏اور یہ طعنہ اُن کی طرف سے آرہا ہے جو خُود ایک دن بھی جیل نہیں گئے۔
اللُّہ کی شان!”Shama Junejo said.

PPP has decide to take on both the PMLN and JUI-F if any of their leaders tried to blame PPP for cutting a deal with the military establishment.

One the one side Nawaz Sharif is crying after Zardari refused to give his shoulder to PDM on the issue of resignations and on Fazl is mourning over it. Fazl is a mature politician and he should not be crying over Zardari’s decision on resignations like a defeated person.

In London Nawaz is listening to the sermon of reporter as how Zardari ditched him and cut a deal with establishment. Poor Nawaz through his paid journalist humiliated Zardari. This is the level of this leader. PAK DESTINY

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