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By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) These days the proceedings of Panamagate can beat any popular show on Pakistan television because of lovely funny developments one wants to see.

The episode of Maryam Nawaz is most interesting. In her reply to the Supreme Court, Maryam said her father Nawaz Sharif in 2011 had purchased 85 kanals and 19 marlas of agricultural land in Mauza Sultankey, Lahore, for her. “And I paid back the money in 2012 to my father through banking channels and that the land was reflected in her wealth statement for 2012,” she said.
How lovely and sweet. This can be most amazing transaction any one in our family system would have done.
Maryam Nawaz further submitted in her reply in SC ‘claiming’ that she had not been a dependant of her father ever since her marriage in Dec 1992. She said she paid Rs39.2 million in taxes during the last five years on non-agricultural and agricultural income.
She also furnished bank statements from the Standard Chartered and Habib Bank to prove she returned gifts worth Rs31,700,000 to her father through crossed cheques.

Imran’s Wish: Imran Khan has made four allegations while seeking the disqualification of the prime minister: for not declaring the $9 million proceeds from the 1980 sale of Gulf Steel in the UAE in his wealth tax returns; for filing his wealth statements for the years 2011 and 2012 after the fact, which was an offence attracting penalty; over the Rs31,700,000 given to Hussain Nawaz and Rs19,459,440 given to Maryam Nawaz as gifts; and the gifts received by the prime minister from Hussain Nawaz that should have been treated as income.
This is the most lovely and interesting case… let’s see if the premier and his children get away from the ‘gift kahani’. – Pak Destiny


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