Arrogant, incompetent : IMF and world know Asad Umar by this, a wakeup call for PM Khan

imran khan,asad umar,imf arrogant

By Raza Ruman

It is shame which overly rated minister Asad Umar has brought to the PTI government.

The compliant filed by IMF with the government that Finance Minister Asad Umar is not only arrogant but also extremely ill prepared when he comes to represent Pakistan in talks with IMF.
Perhaps this is a big smack on the Imran Khan government face and Umar.

Only on this PM Khan could have thrown this highly incompetent minister out of cabinet. But he has not taken any action against Umar yet.

Pakistan has to face extreme embarrassment because of this Asad Umar who enjoying Khan umbrella and visiting along with him in Turkey and other places.

It’s time to rid of such crap if Pakistan has to move forward. Pak Destiny

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