Asad Umar’s a year old video comes back to haunt him

Asad Umar's a year old video comes back to haunt him

By Shoiab Wahab

Will PTI stalwart Asad Umar take a little shame and resign as he himself asked media that he would go home if basic problems of his constituency are not solved after one year of coming to power.

Asad not ready to feel ashamed

Take a listen to the very words of this incompetent stuff who was booted out from the cabinet by his leader Imran Khan for his poor performance as finance minister.

If Asad Umar has any ego left in him must resign as per his claim

Umar was speaking lies so confidently with media asking it to show this video of mine to condemn him if after one year in power he failed to deliver and resolve the basic problems of his constituency.

What a shame… can any one from this party take some shame and step down for the miseries it inflicted on the people of Pakistan. Pak Destiny

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