Ayaz Amir pays the price to target the ‘untouchables’

Ayaz Mir pays the price to target the 'untouchables'

By Raza Ruman

   Senior journalist Ayaz Amir has to pay the price for targeting the most powerful. He was assaulted outside Dunya TV at Lakshmi Chowk for speaking what he shouldn’t have.

     Twitter had the real time reaction — condemnation from all around.

  “Supreme Court of Pak needs to take suo moto of this terrorism against one of the most respected, non-controversial media figure, Ayyaz Amir is around 73 years of age! One of the most respected English columnist Pakistan has ever created! HRCP & Dawn & civil society must stand!'” was the demand from various fellow journalists.

   Yousuf says “#AyazAmir  you are truly our hero. You have always raised your voice against the mafia and whoever is wrong whether its imran khan, Nawaz Sharef or the so called neutrals …


    “Ayaz amir sb attacked in Lahore after his yesterday’s speech where he clearly criticized the regime change operation in Pakistan and extended his support to Imran khan.”

    Amir Zia says “Attack on veteran journalist Mr. #AyazAmir is highly condemnable. Such acts show that the #ShehbazGovt & its sponsors are now in a state of panic. But they cannot stifle the voice of the people. I stand in complete solidarity with him “.

    Will those attacked him ever brought to book? Guess — PAK DESTINY

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