Geo News anchor Hamid Mir bursts out against the establishment, threatens to expose the stories of it’s bigwigs


By Sarmad Ali

Geo News anchor Hamid Mir openly declared war on establishment and warned it that it would expose their family affairs if they don’t stop torturing of journalists.Mir appeared all embittered which he never in the past.

Although he too had bullets in his legs for his way of journalism he never sounded so embittered in the past.
It seems he has once again crossed his limit and may face the music for this.

Mir’s outburst was the top trend on social media on Friday with thousands of tweets. There was a mix response to his outburst against the establishment.

One Twitter user said: “What a spin master Hamid Mir is. None of these were punished due to Nuclear program. By your logic anyone can say Zia ul Haq was targeted due to Nuclear program too ? There are many people throughout history in many places that did great things but got punished for other blunders.”

Another says “Exactly. Asma shirazi mansoor Ali Khan Najam sethi Hamid Mir type people are not journalists. They are supporters of corrupt politicians in media in the form of journalists.”

Another said: “I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MAN BUT what he said & the facts he presented are nothing but truth. this had to be done by someone, even if he is speaking on some1’s payroll doesn’t change the facts that these words are 100% facts. 1/3 hamid mir.”

Let’s see if Mr Mir gets away what he has said to express solidarity with blogger Asad Toor. PAK DESTINY

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