Biden’s entry to White House may improve Pakistan’s relations with America — Pervaz Elahi and those knowing Biden personally can be instrumental to this

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By Raza Ruman

As jubilant celebrations that spilt into American cities upon the announcement on November 7, 2020, of Joe Biden winning the US residential election, different countries including Pakistan are pinning high hopes on him that his assuming the office will undo some of ‘bad’ decisions his predecessor Donald Trump had taken during his four year tenure.

When it comes to Pakistan, Mr Biden will be expected to draw a balance between India and Pakistan. India especially Modi ruing over losing its
friend Trump.

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In Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan may use its ally — PML-Q — a perfect ambassador for improving the country’s relations with the US as Mr Biden personally knows Punjab Assembly Speaker Pervaz Elahi. During his different visits to Pakistan as US Senator Joe Biden especially called on Mr Elahi and used to hold detailed discussions on the political map of Pakistan.

Upon his winning the presidential election, Mr Elahi congratulated Mr Biden and expressed the hope that his presence in the White House will help re-define its relations with Pakistan. During the Trump period, the US tilt was towards India.

PM Khan needs to start its spade work now and pick up the best team for approaching Biden and his team.

Healing America’s deep divides is the first challenge for Biden while China, India, Pakistan and Europe come next. PAK DESTINY

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