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A super dad

A very moving letter is written by a student of LGS Lahore depicting his feelings for his father in class work.

Germs of gender stereotype

By Maryam F Nisar It is really astounding that even today girls are still being treated in a different manner as compared to boys as a result of deep-rooted biasness and cataleptic prejudice. The subject …

جنّات اور بھاشا ڈیم

-از ڈاکٹر عامر لاھوری- آج صبح ہی ایک پاکستانی مزدور بھائی نے پوچھا کہ سُنا ہے خاتون اول کے قبضے میں موکلات و جنات ہیں تو خان صاحب ان موکلات و جنات سے ہی ڈیم …