Court’s suggestion may expose “black money” of Pak TV anchors

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, June 14 (Pak Destiny) Pakistani TV anchors like Najam Sethi, Javed Chaudhry, Mehr Bokhari, Kamran Khan, Kamran Shahid, Aftab Iqbal and Mmubashir Lucman have reportedly made millions by using their art of “Anchrology” during the last few years.

At present they are enjoying a lavish life style. The apex court has rightly questioned their life style and proposed a commission to investigate their “illegal and unfair gains”.
The Islamabad High Court has suggested formation of commission to investigate the illegal money the TV anchors have made after coming to the noble profession of journalism.
These TV anchors amassed huge wealth.
Aftab Iqbal has built a farmhouse on Bbaidian Road Lahore and throws lavish parties on weekends. He has several secret businesses like a production house. Under its cover he is making a lot of money.
Similarly, Sethi has numerous residences and money abroad. On of his residences he has given to the BOL media on rent in Lahore. After becoming PCB chairman one wonders how much money he has made so far, the PTI alleges.
Javed Chaudhry who had two pieces of shalwar kameez dresses when he joined journalism profession now spends his summer holidays in best locations in Europe. He is reportedly one among a few other journalists the PML-N leadership in 1990s had given illas in the Gulf.
Mehr Bokhari is too enjoying a lavish life-style. She remained closed to some PPP top guns during the last regime and reportedly had a lot of benefits. She also had a number of foreign trips at the expense of “someone”.
Kamran Kkhan who used to receive Rs7,000 per month from an agency when he joined the profession. Now he spends over a month-long holidays in the US along with his family in expensive hotels every summer. From where he got that much money.
Kamran Shahid had made millions in a quick period of time in journalism from different sources. His foreign tours are often sponsored by a Sindh party and his friends in PML-N.
Mubashir Lucman was a small time film producer before he joined this profession. In a few years he made millions.
If you minutely watch the programmes of these anchors you will come to know of whom interest they are watching .. either the government, some political parties or agencies ….

IHC: In yesterday’s hearing on the petition filed by the District Bar Association of Islamabad, Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui observed: “This situation may constrain the legal fraternity to ask this court and the federal government to constitute a commission to probe the assets of the anchorpersons and their families… foreign tours and the hotels in which they live, shopping made … and also to ask about the tax they pay and to know how they live beyond their means.”
The proposed commission might also investigate connections of land mafia with certain news channels and anchorpersons “who are on the payroll of land grabbers and receive plots for looking after their interests”, said Justice Siddiqui.
The court also issued contempt of court notices to Mr Lucman, chief executive officer of ARY News Salman Iqbal, information and broadcasting secretary Nazir Saeed and acting chairman of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, and directed them to appear before the court on the next date of hearing, in the first week of July.
Representing the bar association, Syed Nayyab Hassan Gardezi contended that certain elements had begun targeting the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in particular Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja, without any lawful justification.
He lamented that neither had any case been registered against persons involved in inciting hatred against institutions nor had any restrictions been imposed on them to check “their unlawful acts”. -Pak Destiny

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