Dar’s ‘dollarization policy’ costs every Pakistani dearly

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad, Sept 25 (pakdestiny.com) The PML-N government is heading towards economic disaster as rupee is fast losing its value by every passing day, thanks to Ishaq Dar “dollarization policy”.
Today one US dollar is bought against Rs108, no body can predict under the current circumstances where it will settle.
During the 1997 government of the Sharifs, Dar’s poor handling of economic affairs had led Pakistan to near default. He had frozen the foreign accounts thus triggering panic in the country.
This man of poor intellect once again has brought Pakistan to the edge of economic disaster.
By just devaluation of rupee Pakistan’s debt has risen to Rs780 billion what to talk about other matters.
It seems the PML-N government is in deep slumber or its bigwigs getting benefits from this awful situation.
Those who have voted for PML-N should not put blame anyone else but to themselves. Perhaps they now have seen the real face of their leaders. – Pak Destiny


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