PTI govt worst decision US dollar jumps to Rs138… Imran Khan busy in cleaning country toilets

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By Raza Ruman

Prime Minister Imran Khan should better have resigned before meekly surrendering to IMF to reduce dollar’s price to Rs 138.What a shame this man is bringing about.

One wonder has this planted premier no guts to handle things. He is passing impact of bad economy to the common. What a shame.

On the other hand PMLN leader Ahsan Iqbal says “”It is economy stupid”. Things are slipping and no one bothered. Wrong priorities rather no sense of priorities. Buffaloes & cars auction, Governor Houses picnic, green campaign……”

Iqbal should also better ask some questions to Ishaq Dar for this financial mess.
Rulers must enjoy as they are here to do son in “Bananaistan”. Pak Destiny


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