Drug addiction on the rise in girl students

By Radwah Nazir

Lahore, Nov 22 (www.pakdestiny.com) Drug addiction among young girls of private educational institutions in Lahore is on the rise, reveal a Pak Destiny survey.
Young girls of some institutions mostly private taking drugs for ‘thrill and losing weight’ and for increasing their confidence somehow but we cannot separate this issue from other aspects of women social conditioning. Drug problem connects women who suffered stereotyping of sexual roles and domestic violence so to ease their sleeping problems and stressed life they use drugs and alcohols. And some women are not aware of the drugs they are taking as a medicine prescribed by a doctor. Such women become dependent on painkillers and once it becomes a habit then few chances to escape.
Drugs may ease sense of experiencing thrill or loneliness but in reality they are destroying their identity and physical, mental health and this habit brings prolonged depression which leads to suicide in some cases. “I take different kinds of drugs just for a thrill,” a girl student of an institution at Jail Road. She said she wanted to quit drugs but it was not easy.
Another girl student of an institution in Cantt said: “I was disturbed because of a conflict between my parents. To do away with pain I found an easy way to get rid of it.”
Another student said she believed taking certain types of drugs helped reduce wait apart from getting pleasure.
Parents, school teachers and educational counselors should address this problem and rehablitate centers should come forward to address this problem. (www.pakdestiny.com)


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