Employees are cursing the PML-N for stabbing in their back

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, June 13 (www.pakdestiny.com) Government and private sector employees are cursing the PML-N government for not giving a penny increase and imposing huge tax on their salaries, respectively.
“This is what the people were expecting from the PML-N,” asked a government employee, Nisar Ahmed.
He says: “We are cursing the PMLN for taking harsh measures in budget-2013-14 and we will not sit calmly till it announces raise in our salaries.”
The PMLN first budget also imposed huge tax on the salaries of private sector employees.
“The poor should face the music of giving votes to the already tested party which will continue its plundering from where it had left off,” M Hasan, an employee of a private firm said. He said the PMLN had come to power on the votes of illiterate and now they should also curse themselves for their decision. – Pak Destiny

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