Expatriates’ love for Imran Khan not dwindling no matter what he does?

Expatriates' love for Imran Khan not dwindling no matter what he does?

By Raza Ruman

The overseas Pakistanis were trolled because of the goof up of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf media wing.
The PTI media wing posted several videos or overseas Pakistanis who were seen defending soaring prices abroad advising the Pakistanis not to panic — in other words not to curse ‘puppet’ Imran Khan.

“So instead of pressuring the government to take corrective measures to bring down the inflation, overseas yoothias have started campaigning against poor people of this country. What a shame, what a disgrace!!!#ShameOnOverseasYouthias,” says Naeem Sadhu in a tweet.

Another Twitter user says: “This government has reversed everything that it has been claiming for 22 years Not a single promise seems to have been fulfilled.The situation has reached such point that it has become difficult for the poor to get a two-time bread #ShameOnOverseasYouthias.”

“Railway has been destroyed, inflation has spiraled out of control, the poor are crying, students are clueless and businesses have been ruined. Imran Khan’s tabdeeli is actually a tsunami of destruction.”

Bilal Ahmed said: “There are many types of youthiyas. The most poisonous of these is Overseas youthiyas, who are sitting thousands of miles away from the conditions and realities of Pakistan, giving speeches to the people of Pakistan to be patient.”

It’s time for youthias to stop being blind to the miseries of the people caused by bad policies of the incumbent government.
Expatriates are also need to rational in their approach. PAK DESTINY

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