Prime Minister Imran Khan’s goof ups of historical facts

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s goof ups of historical facts

By Maryam Farooq Nisar

Rarely can it be expected from any prime minister to make excruciating mistakes, let alone about anything but exclusively about history and geography. Such blunders can lead to a massive blow to the image of his country.

Prime Minister-the elected representative of people is commonly considered as an epitome of virtue and an emblem of veracity. He is supposed to be highly knowledgeable and well-aware about the slightest historical and geographical details. However, if a Prime Minister distorts historical and geographical facts it portrays a bad impression about him.

Our Prime Minister, Imran Khan has, on several occasions made colossal mistakes which cannot be merely stated as, ‘slip of the tongue’. At the end of the day, these blunders signify the PM’s dearth of awareness when it comes to geography, general knowledge, and religious history. However, they also go far and wide towards emphasizing the general viewpoint that he mostly thinks after speaking and not as he is supposed to do radically.

PM, in his speech in the National Assembly on February 28, 2019, declared Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal king as a scoundrel while Tipu Sultan was stated as a national hero of the country. He ended up misrepresenting history which was not for the first time he had done so.

During PM’s visit to Iran, historical facts were again distorted while he was addressing a joint press conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

While stating how the two countries set up industries jointly at the border area so as to recover economic bonds after the war, he cited Japan and Germany in place of France and Germany.

He said that Germany and Japan slaughtered a large number of their civilian population till they both ventured to setting up mutual industries on their border areas, after World War II. The PM went a step ahead by stating Germany and Japan as neighbors and how both shared a common border after World War II. Prime Minister Imran Khan was confident enough to mention that post World War II both these ‘neighboring’ countries carried out trade on their border areas. This gave individuals a chance to have a good giggle. Geography states that Germany and Japan are at a distance of 5,500 miles from each other.

Turkish President Erdogan’s two days official visit to Pakistan was of great significance in terms of strong economic and political ties between the two countries. On this occasion our PM made another blunder by declaring disastrous Ottoman Rule in the sub-continent for 600 years. Perhaps he wanted to say that the Turks and Ottomans shared a resilient bond with the Muslims.

Earlier, he mentioned that Africa is a country, and added that Chinese trains were faster than the speed of the light. One wonders that these mistakes portray PM’s dearth of knowledge in history, general knowledge and geography. These colossal blunders cannot be merely termed as ‘slip of tongue’ but they leave unending negative impression on the international platform.

Someone needs to advise the PM that he must pen down scientific, geographic and historic facts so that he doesn’t commit such blunders in future which can demean his worth as an elected representative of the people of Pakistan. Pak Destiny


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