Express and ARY channels hire banned cricketers to earn ‘dirty money’

By Raza Ruman
Islamabad, Sept 28 ( Money has a lot of attraction and our electronic media is rightly after it.
The Express News and ARY News are showing neither journalism ethics nor any morality by engaging two banned cricketers – Muhammad Amir and Salman Butt – during the ongoing T20 World Cup matches in a bid to get some business.

Both cricketers are at present serving their five-year ban placed by International Cricket Council (ICC) for their involvement in spot fixing.
Instead of unearthing corruption, by engaging both tanted cricketers these channels are openly condoning corruption and corrupt practices for which they (Express News and ARY News) should be condemned and rather banned.

Where is the toothless PAMERA, a regulatory body of the electronic media? It is believed that the channels owners must have greased the palms of the PAMERA officials concerned.
These channels never tire of preaching morality and civilization but practically they are involved in such shameless acts. (


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