Express TV ‘Rating Fraud’: Geo and Dunya join hands to giving befitting response to Express

By Iram Salim

(Pakdestiny) Express Media Group is acting like a ‘crying child’ over TV rating issue.
For the last two days Sultan Lakhani has unleashed its anchors and other media persons on TV rating company (Medialogics and its owner Salman Danish) for its allegation that Express TV made Rs450 million for manipulating the rating system.
Express TV instead of dealing the matter with sobriety is acting like ‘chor ki dhari main tinka’. Its senior anchors like Javed Chaudhry and other news anchors are doing ‘chakri of the Saith (Lakhani)’. The whole group is doing round-the-clock coverage of the issue in order to pressure Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to order the CIA to withdraw the FIR and take action against Danish.
On the other hand GeoNews and DunyaNews put its wait behind Medialogics and took the Express TV on.
Earlier, Express TV and other channels used to join hands against GeoNews. But this time after Express alleged ‘rating fraud’ other channels joined GeoNews.
This episode shows how ‘timidly’ the owners of such channels act when it comes to their business. The government should empower PEMRA to check the ‘gunda gardi’ of the TV channels which go to any extend to protect their vested interest. Pakdestiny

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