Final round of fight between Nawaz and Establishment to begin in March – Nawaz, Maryam going to be convicted

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Final round of fight between disqualified premier Nawaz Sharif and the establishment is going to begin first week of coming March.

News is out. Nawaz and his daughter Maryam are likely to go in jail in corruption cases against them in accountability court.

Nawaz and Maryam apparently are happy to go in jail considering that it will help the PML-N sweep the election in Punjab and make good show in other provinces except Sindh thus making it very easy to form a government bringing about judicial reforms, clipping the judges and establishment wings.
But the establishment has other scheme of things in mind. It has to keep and PML-N out of power in the next set up created either through election or caretaker setup prolongs.

Nawaz also knows this but million dollar question will he be able to change the course of Pakistan’s history. This seems impossible. In that case Nawaz has no political future but see how things unfold. Pak Destiny

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