Four young men killing : Kashmala and her family manage to save it’s skin, media is mysteriously silent over the matter

Four young men killing: Kashmala and her family  manage to save it's skin, media is mysteriously silent over the matter

By Raza Ruman

Will Justice be served in the killing of four people who were crushed by four-wheel drive, allegedly driven by the son of federal ombudswoman Kashmala Tariq in Islamabad.

This case has suddenly been gone off the pages of the media and why?
Despite a statement by the survivor that Kashmala’s son was driving the car his bail has not yet been cancelled nor he is arrested. And on top of that media is silent on this high profile case.

CCTV Footage of Kashmala Tariq sons G-11 accident happened in Islamabad

Similarly Best Western owner, the husband of Kashmala, was involved in the accident. Will he get away with this too?

According to a first information report lodged at the Ramna police station on Tuesday, five men, who came from Mansehra to Islamabad for written exam for the Anti-Narcotics Force, were travelling in a Mehran which was hit by a Lexus of Kashmala family at the G-11 traffic signal.

A motorcycle rider was also hit and is injured The driver of the Lexus was son of Federal Ombudswoman for Protection of Women against Harassment Kashmala Tariq, FIR said.

Four of the passengers in the car expired while one, who is the complainant in the FIR, was injured.

The complainant said when he was rescued, people who had gathered at the site were naming Tariq’s son as the driver of the car that hit them.
Prime Minister Imran had taken notice of the incident but as yet happened in terms of action against those who involved in the killings of four yonng men.

Let’s see if those powerful always trample upon the law of the land and escape justice. PAK DESTINY


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