Moonis’ close friend Advocate Rawn still under detention — legal fraternity urged to take to roads for his safe release

Moonis' close friend Advocate Raan still under detention -- legal fraternity urged to take to roads for his safe release

By Irum Saleem

   One wonders why the legal fraternity is mum over ‘abduction’ or senior Advocate Amir Saeed Rawn, an adviser to former chief minister Parvez Elahi and a friend of Moonis Elahi.

    Advocate Raan was abducted after his return from Mr Elahi’s home last week. His brother, Adam Saeed Rawn had filed the petition alleging that the police abducted Amir Raan and kept in illegal detention at an undisclosed place. But it seems he is kept by someone else.

    Although the Lahore High Court last Thursday summoned the capital city police chief (CCPO) with a report on a habeas corpus petition seeking recovery of  Rawn but still there has been no trace of him.

   Although the Lahore High Court Bar Association also condemned the arrest of Advocate Rawn, who is a former secretary of the bar, but the lawyers community has yet to take to roads to press the powerful circles to release him.

    Former Federal Minister Moonis Elahi said in a tweet that his friend Amir Raan has been abducted. Neither the FIA not police admitted they abducted him. “He should be handed over to police or FIA….” Mr Moonis said.

کئی دنوں سےمیرا دوست عامرسعیدراں غائب ہے۔میرے والد سے مل کے نکلا تھا تو اسے اٹھا لیا گیا تھا۔نہ پولیس نہ ایف آئی اے مانتی ہےکےانکے پاس ہے۔عدالت نےبھی پوچھاہے پرکوئی جواب نہیں دے رہا۔آج اس کی سالگرہ بھی ہے۔اس کی سالگرہ کا ہی لحاظ کر کے اسے پولیس،ایف آئی اے،نیب کسی کی حوالے کر دیں۔”Moonis Elahi says.

    It appears that the powers that be have been trying hard to force Moonis Elahi and Chaudhry Parvez Elahi to say goodbye to PTI chief Imran Khan and  such tactics are being applied for the purpose.

  But both the father and son have vowed not to leave Khan come what may and ready to pay its price.  PAK DESTINY

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